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U.S. Economic Growth in Fourth Quarter Revised Lower

The economic growth in the U.S. braked at a much sharper pace than had been thought initially during the fourth quarter of 2014 amidst a slower pace of stock accumulation by companies and a broader trade deficit. However, the underlying fundamentals stayed solid. The gross domestic product grew at an annual pace of 2.2% which […]

Sears Records Full Year Loss

Sears Holdings reported its 2014 full year earnings on Thursday along with results from the fourth quarter, which include the company’s holiday performance. The company lost money again for the 11th straight quarter, as its overall revenues and its same-store sales, which is a key metric that excludes drops in revenue due to store closings […]

Apple Ordered by Jury to Hand Over $532.8 Million

Apple Inc has been told by a federal jury to pay out $532.8 million after the jury said the company’s software for iTunes used a Texas-based company’s patented inventions without receiving its permission. Smartflash LLC the closely held company, which has claimed that three patents were infringed on by Apple, was asking for damages of […]

Google Ready to Attack Apple Pay

With the goal of undercutting the most recent hit service of Apple, Google will team up with three of the major wireless carriers in the U.S. to entice more people into using the mobile wallet it developed. On Monday, the announcement is just the most recent example of how competition between Apple and Google is […]

Birdman Big Winner at Academy Awards

There were not many surprises on the night at the 87th Academy Awards. Best Picture was won by Birdman, beating out Boyhood its biggest rival. The director and screenwriter of the film Alejandro Inarritu won in those two categories making the Birdman the big winner on the night. Inarritu joked upon receiving his Oscar that […]

Consuming Cola Daily Increases Risk of Cancer

The chemical process that takes place during the caramel coloring manufacturing that is used for soft drinks produces a carcinogen and could be increasing the risk of developing cancer to a level higher than the accepted threshold. Matching lab tests were carried out by Consumer Reports on 11 soft drinks, reported for the first time […]

Error in Healthcare Tax Affects Hundreds of Thousands

This mistake could end up being a hardship, especially for the workers that are low income who qualified for insurance policies that were subsidized and might be expecting a tax refund, but now must hold off for weeks to file a return. Close to 800,000 taxpayers who were enrolled in insurance policies through the […]

Malaria Parasite From Myanmar is Drug Resistant

India is facing a threat of parasites carrying Malaria that are artemisinin resistant, which is the frontline treatment to fight Malaria, spreading from Myanmar into India putting thousands at risk, warned researchers. A research team confirmed that the resistant parasites were in the Homalin, Sagaing Region that is only 25 kilometers from the border of […]

Greece Asks For Loan Extension Offering Big Concessions

Greece has formally requested an extension of six months to it loan agreement with euro zone lenders on Thursday. It offered major concessions as it hurried to avoid running out of its cash within a few weeks and overcome the resistance of skeptical eurozone partners including Germany. With it IMF/EU bailout program expiring in just […]

Rolls-Royce Designing SUV for Off Road

Rolls-Royce has given confirmation on what once was the unthinkable, it will design and build an SUV. This will not be just any run of the mill SUV, but will be one that has off-road capabilities or as Rolls likes to say, “Able to cross over any terrain.” It will surely be one of the […]

Super Advanced Malware Stopped Only by Destroying Hard Drive

A group specializing in cyberespionage with tools similar to those used by intelligence agencies in the U.S. has been able to infiltrate key institutions within countries including Russia and Iran, utilizing a form of malware that is startlingly advanced that once it has infected a PC is impossible to be removed. Kaspersky Lab on Monday […]

Oil Close to $62 on Violence in Libya

Oil was up to nearly $62 per barrel Monday supported by the concerns over increased violence in Libya with the Islamic State and predictions of supply levels being lower during the second six months of 2015. The air force in Egypt bombed targets occupied by Islamic State in Libya on Monday, while Cairo called for […]

Case for iPad Mini Features Keyboard that Pops Up

Typing on a tablet or smarphone screen has become incredibly convenient while on the go, but the experience is lacking the feedback of a traditional laptop or PC keyboard. Fortunately, Tactus Technology a tech company has a very intriguing and imaginative solution for the problem. Their new product is a combination screen protector and plastic […]

Twenty-three Year Old Earns Half a Million Tweeting

In 2009, when Kris Sanchez joined microblogging Twitter he did not expect much would result from it. Sanchez said he started his Twitter account because he wanted to be a follower of Britney Spears as he is a huge fan of hers. He found he did not have much to tweet about in daily life […]

Apple Could Be $1 Trillion Company in Three to Four Years

One of the most significant investors in Apple, Carl Icahn said recently that the tech company was undervalued severely by shareholders since the price of its stock should have been 70% higher than it was. However, analyst said that the statement by Icahn would turn out true down the road in a few years. According […]

Twitter Taking Initial Step to Earn Money on Vine

Twitter has a plan for earning money on Vine, the app for videos it purchased over three years ago. The microblogging social media giant has acquired the startup Niche that helps get endorsement deals for celebrities that are becoming popular on the service. According to one person in the know, the deal is between $45 […]

CVS Health Beats Street with Revenue for Quarter

CVS Health Corp has reported net revenue for the quarter that was better than had been expected, boosted by expansion in its Medicaid business as well as strength in sales of specialty drugs. Pharmacy sales at its stores opened 13 months or more was up 5.5% during the 2014 fourth quarter. However, fewer customers and […]

Softbank Profit Drops 5.9% on Sprint Costs

Softbank Corp, based in Japan, said its operating profit for the third quarter dropped by close to 6%, missing Wall Street estimates as the ambitious mobile handset company continues soaking up the costs of attempting to turn Sprint Corp, is U.S. unit, around. Softbank, which made a surprise takeover of the No. 3 carrier in […]

Nissan Increases Forecast for Profit on Strong Sales

Nissan Motor Co increased its profit forecast for the full year on Monday helped by strong sales across the U.S. and a weak yen. Nissan is closing in on Honda Motors a rival in U.S. sales. Though Nissan is Japan’s second largest carmaker in sales around the world, behind just Toyota, Honda was able to […]

Mumbai Wants Uber to Use Panic Button

The Transport Department in India and Uber are heading for a collision when it comes to having a physical panic button installed in cabs. While Mahesh Zagade the transport commissioner has cracked his whip to make it mandatory for all taxis that are private to have the switch positioned close to the passenger seat, Uber […]

Six Indicted for Plot to Support Al Qaeda and ISIS

Six native Bosnians who had immigrated to the United States sent military equipment and money to support Iraq’s al-Qaeda arm and the terror group Islamic State, said the Justice Department on Friday. Authorities said the conspiracy dates to May of 2013 and supported people fighting with the different terror groups according to the federal indictment. […]

LinkedIn Tops Analyst Views, Stock Soars

LinkedIn kept its perfect record of positive financial surprises as the web-based professional networking service grew during the fourth quarter of 2014 and added additional tools to help bring together salespeople and potential customers. The results, which were announced on Thursday, mark LinkedIn’s fifteenth straight quarter that revenue and earnings have topped projections by analysts […]

Google Search to Show Tweets Again

After over two years of a hiatus, Google and Twitter have renewed a relationship with one another. Google will once again include tweets in real-time in its search results as they post. Citing people that have knowledge of the situation, tweets will begin appearing in Google’s search results at some point during the first six […]

Alibaba Deploying Drones for Tea Deliveries

The new delivery service is promising to whisk off ginger tea to its customers in less than an hour despite airspace that has tight controls. The e-commerce giant tested on Wednesday its first delivery service using drones. The company’s flagship marketplace consumer to consumer known as Taibao estimated to have over 90% of the market […]

ADM Posts Strong Earnings for 2014 Fourth Quarter

Archer Daniels Midland Co. or ADM reported its fourth quarter financial results on Tuesday. The company posted per share adjusted earnings of $1.00, which is up from 95 cents during the same period one year ago. Adjusted operating profit reached $1.13 billion, which was up 8% from the $1.04 billion for the same period one […]

Macau Facing Toughest Test Yet As Crackdown Hits

Build casinos and they will come is a strategy that has earned Macau casinos billions of dollars but is now facing its most difficult test yet as plummeting revenue has come at the time of a construction binge. Investors and analysts are questioning the strategy amidst the worst ever downward movement in Macau. The government […]

Regulators in U.S. Recall over 2 Million Vehicles Due to Air Bags

The air bag problems in the auto industry deepened Saturday as federal safety regulators in the U.S. said three of the big automakers would recall more than 2.1 million older vehicles so defects can be fixed that could cause the air bags to deploy when they should not. The vehicles that are involved in this […]

Greece Does Not Want Aid Extension or Cooperate with Troika

The new leftist Greek government opened bailout talks on Friday with its European partners refusing to extend the aid program or cooperate with international inspectors who are overseeing it. The government of Alexis Tsipras the new Prime Minister also fired the state privatization agency heads after stopping a number of state asset sales. The policy […]

Russia Cuts Key Interest Rate Unexpectedly

The central bank in Russia has unexpectedly cut its benchmark rate of interest by 2% letting its currency slide as its economy sinks toward a recession. The auction rate of one week was cut from 17% to 15%, said the bank on Friday. Only one of more than 32 economists who had been surveyed forecasted […]

China Lifts Top off Fake Goods Sold Online

A just released survey by the Chinese government had found that close to half of all products sold by stores online in China are fakes. This new survey said, which Alibaba owns, is the leader. China’s State Administration for Commerce and Industry commissioned the survey and the China Consumers Association carried it out. It […]

Caterpillar Says Sales in 2015 will Decline 9%

Caterpillar shares were down in early trading on Tuesday by 7% from their close on Monday to hit a new low of 52 weeks. The stock plunge is due to shrinking sales, profits and a new outlook that gives the suggestion that the worst is on its way. In 2015, Caterpillar is expecting the macro-economic […]

AT&T to Acquire Assets of Nextel in Mexico

AT&T, the second largest mobile phone carrier in the U.S. has agreed to acquire NII Holdings Inc’s wireless assets in Mexico for $1.88 billion. It is the third deal AT&T made in its expansion efforts south of the border. This acquisition includes businesses that are operating under the Nextel Mexico name, spectrum licenses, retail stores, […]

TurboTax Refunds Customers

Those outraged by recent changes in TurboTax that forced them to have to pay 50 percent more for the software designed for tax preparation can now be calm. TurboTax is not only apologizing for what happened, but they are refunding money. Starting on Friday, the maker of TurboTax Intuit will issue refunds of $25 to […]

Home Sales Increase, Few First Time Buyers

In December, existing home sales rebounded, but a continued low participation of first time buyers suggests the recovery in the U.S. housing market would remain gradual for the time being. On Friday, the National Association of Realtors announced that sales of existing homes grew by 2.4% to an annualized rate of more than 5.04 million […]

Tim Cook CEO at Apple Receives Huge Bonus

Tim Cook the Apple CEO received a huge cash bonus that increased his total 2014 compensation to over $9.2 million. That is over double what he was given in 2013, as the tech giant enjoyed an big increase in sales and profit that was fueled by the overwhelming popularity of the new iPhone 6 and […]

Looks Like Google Will Enter Wireless Business

Google has taken a leap into the business of wireless provider according to new reports that show the Internet search giant will partner with T-Mobile and Sprint to sell mobile handset plans directly to the consumer. One industry analyst said Google would play T-Mobile and Sprint off against one another to receive a low price […]

UnitedHealth Earnings Increase by 6%

Earnings for UnitedHealth in the fourth quarter were up close to 6%, which topped expectations on Wall Street, and the largest health insurer in the country brought optimism into 2015 because of its results to end 2014. Minneapolis based UnitedHealth’s Stephen Hemsley, the CEO, said on Wednesday that the company is entering 2015 with a […]

SAP Slashes Outlook for Profit

The largest software group in Europe SAP SE slashed its outlook for operating profit for 2017, explaining that its push into the cloud-based delivery ate further into its profit margins prior to experiencing profits expanding starting in 2018. German based SAP’s move to provide business planning software through the cloud, or as internet services through […]

Prosecutor in Argentina Found Dead

A prosecutor in Argentina, who had last week accused the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, of attempting to absolve officials from Iran from involvement in the terrorist attack that was the mostly deadly in the history of the country, was found dead inside his apartment. The body of Alberto Nisman was found by […]

Google Discussing Acquisition of Softcard

Apple has its Apple Pay and now Google could be filling its own wallet as well. According to individuals close to the situation, Google the Internet search giant and the Android platform maker is discussing the possibility of acquiring Softcard, the payments company for mobile devices formerly called Isis. The price for the acquisition would […]

Jester Continues Attacking Jihadists

Anonymous has not started anything new by hacking the websites of Islamic extremists. A mysterious hacker known only as the Jester has been doing it for over five years. The hacker has single-handedly brought down dozens of Islamic extremists websites that the Jester deems to be supporting jihadist propaganda and efforts of recruitment. When he […]

Wet Seal Becomes Another Clothing Retailer Filing Bankruptcy

The Wet Seal Inc became the most recent clothing retailer seeking bankruptcy protection, as stores based in malls lose business to the big-box chains and the online retailers. Wet Seal, which is based in California, lost over $150 million during the past two years as well as defaulting in December on over $27 million in […]

General Motors with Aggressive Outlook for 2015

Mary Barra the CEO at General Motors Co said that the largest automaker in the U.S. would increase profits this year. She counted on company investors to give her another opportunity after the first year of running the business was marred due to a recall scandal that was very costly. While no specific figures were […]

Forecast for Global Growth Cut by World Bank

The World Bank cuts its forecast for the world economy, warning the world could not rely on the United States as its single source of growth. In its report done biannually, the bank forecasted the world’s economy would expand by 3% in 2015 and by 3.3% during 2016, which was down from an earlier forecast […]

Lumoid Allows Wearable to Be Worn Prior to Purchase

With all the different wearable devices that exist in the market, it can be quite confusing when attempting to shop for the one that is the best for your specific needs. Lumoid might have found the solution for the problem, as the startup allows its users to try different wearable devices prior to actually purchasing […]

Shire to Acquire NPS Pharmaceutical

Shire PLC will acquire NPS Pharmaceutical a maker of rare disease treatments. The acquisition will cost Shire $5.2 billion. Shire is returning to making deals thanks to the help of its breakup fee received from AbbVie its one time suitor. The deal, which is all cash, for a price of $46 per share, would speed […]

Nintendo Leaves Brazil Because of High Taxes

Nintendo has made the decision to end the operations it has in Brazil because of such a high import tax and the overall business model that the nation in Latin America has. The company made the announcement it was ending its partnership with its distributor in the South American country and does not have immediate […]

Box Going Public Soon

Box, the storage platform business updated on Friday its S1 and confirmed that it has started to hit the road, the standard procedure businesses go through to increase the interest of investors in its stock prior to an IPO. According to the S1 filled out, Box is offering a total of 12.5 million shares with […]

J.C. Penney and Macy’s to Shutter Stores, Cut Jobs

After posting sales for the holiday shopping season that were better than expected, retail giants Macy’s and J.C. Penney start 2015 by focusing on fewer employees and smaller operations. J.C. Penney announced it would close 39 of its underperforming stores and lay off 2,250 employees. Macy’s said it was restructuring and shifting workers from 830 […]

Sony Introduces its $1,120 Walkman

If you like music and money is not a problem in your life, you might like a new Sony Walkman. Sony’s new Walkman is on the market for $1,120 and can now play any kind of music at very high quality and resolution. That means Sony’s new device makes songs sound more like real life […]