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Nokia in Negotiations to Purchase Alcatel-Lucent

Nokia Corp the telecommunications equipment maker based in Finland is having advance talks to acquire Alcatel-Lucent SA a French rival, the two companies announced on Tuesday. The deal would make a new behemoth in the global networking arena to rival Ericsson in Sweden and Huawei Technologies in China. The current deal under consideration would entail […]

China Using New Weapon That Censors the Internet

China in March began flooding websites based in the U.S. with a large amount of new traffic in what is apparently an effort to take out services allowing users of the Internet in China to view sites that are otherwise blocked. Initial reports from security experts suggested that China crippled the services through exploiting its […]

Boeing Sells Aircraft to Copa

Boeing Co has finalized an order to sell Copa Airlines from Panama a record 61 single-aisle 737 jetliners in a deal worth $6.6 billion, which is the largest commercial transaction ever between companies from the U.S. and Panama as U.S. President Barack Obama attended a political summit in the nation in Central America. The Boeing […]

Over 40% of France’s Flights Cancelled Amidst Strike

Close to half of all flights in France were cancelled on Wednesday after the country’s air traffic controllers up and left work on a strike that is scheduled to last 48 hours. Air France announced that it would be attempting to operate the majority of its long-haul flights out of its largest hub at Charles […]

Russia’s Slumping Ruble Squeezing Tourism in Southeast Asia

The sharp decline of the ruble in Russia is exacting its toll on tourism across Southeast Asia as Russians are thinking twice about doubling the budget their next holiday at the beach in Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam. The ruble dropped by 43% during 2014 versus the U.S. dollar, hurt because of the plunging price of […]

IBM Has Discovered Cyber Scam Involving Sophisticated Bank Transfer

IBM has reported a sophisticated fraud scam that is operated by a well-funded and prominent gang of cyber criminals in Eastern Europe. The scam uses a mixture of phishing, phone calls and malware. According to the company, these cyber criminals have taken in more than $1 million from medium- and large-sized companies based in the […]

Kraft and Mondelez Charged with Price Manipulation

U.S. regulators charged two of the major food companies in the U.S. – Mondelez and Kraft – with the manipulation of prices for both wheat and wheat futures through a scheme that earned them over $5.4 million in profit. On Wednesday, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced the charges, which are civil, against both companies […]

States Increase Caps on Microbrewery Production

Over the past two decades, Four Peaks Brewing has grown from a microbrewery and restaurant into a staple in Arizona that served close to 1 million gallons of beer in 2014, including Kilt Lifter Ale one of its most popular. The brewing company has become a huge mainstay as well in the Arizona Legislature corridors. […]

Huawei Technologies Says Profit Surged

Although China telecom behemoth Huawei Technologies said the latest financial results had showed a strong performance across all its business groups, the smartphone business of the company was worthy of more attention. That is because of the growing demand for the phones and particularly the strong growth in the emerging markets that have been credited […]

Coffee Lowers Liver Cancer Risk Suggests Study

According to a group of scientists, drinking coffee daily has been linked to reducing the risk of liver cancer development. This new study has found that men who drink a minimum of one cup of coffee each day are less apt to develop cancer of the liver by over 21% in comparison to men who […]

President of Guinea Declares Emergency of 45 Days over Ebola

Alpha Conde the President of Guinea has declared a health emergency for 45 days across five regions of his nation that have been hit by Ebola in an attempt to stop the spread of the deadly virus. The focus has shifted to the coastal areas of the country, said the president in a prepared statement. […]

Decision by Italian Court Relieves Amanda Knox

On Friday, a high court in Italy overturned the Amanda Knox murder conviction by rejecting her sentence of 28 years in the 2007 killing of Meredith Kercher a British student. The conviction of Raffaele Sollecito the former boyfriend of Knox, who was given a 25-year sentence in 2014, was overturned as well. Officials announced that […]

GameStop Outlines Plans for Acquisitions to Diversify Stores

GameStop Corp is faced with a contracting core business of selling video games and is thus accelerating its efforts of diversifying by adding to stores that offer the AT&T wireless plans and by acquiring other tech retail chains. The company, based in Grapevine, Texas, which won an approval by the court to take over more […]

Tastier Yet Healthier Chocolate on the Way

A group of researchers are at this time working on the development of a new kind of chocolate that is tastier and healthier than what is now available today in the market. The scientists currently are attempting to develop the more nutritious chocolate that has a higher amount of antioxidants. The delicious sweet is known […]

Top Court in Italy Ruling Today on Fate of Amanda Knox

The highest court in Italy is expected to make a ruling Wednesday on whether to uphold the murder conviction of Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend for the killing in 2007 of Meredith Kercher a British student. The case, which inspired films and books, has held the attention of media in Italy and the U.S. […]

Short Naps Could Help With Memory

A recent study found that taking short naps could help with improving one’s memory. After taking a short nap, a person is able to retain material to memory. The study was carried out by Saarland University researchers in Germany that found sleep of approximately 45 to 60 minutes might product an improvement that is five […]

Pirelli Risks Long Fight for Takeover

Pirelli and C. SpA is risking a protracted battle for a takeover as investors in the tire maker based in Italy seek to wait it out for a better per share price than its suitor from China has offered. ChemChina, a company owned by the Chinese government that makes tires as well as fertilizers along […]

Authorities Looking for Machete Wielding Man’s Motive

Authorities were looking for clues to a motive in a bizarre attack against agents from TSA by a man wielding a machete and carrying a can of wasp spray at the international airport in New Orleans. The man, Richard White, who was 62, died at a nearby hospital after undergoing surgery for gunshots according to […]

Finland Could Lose Top Rating of Fitch Amidst Rising Debt

Finland was closer to losing its top grade for credit with Fitch Ratings as in fighting within the government has led to a failure in stopping the public debut growth. The outlook on the long-term AAA classification for the eurozone’s northernmost member was reduced from stable to negative, the company announced on Friday. While they […]

Hangover Free Wine Developed by Scientists

Nothing is worst than dealing with a hangover the morning after enjoying wine. However, according to new research from University of Illinois scientists, the effects the morning after of drinking wine could be reduced, reports a West Coast daily. The report was published online and says that genetically modified yeast would not only lower the […]

Lufthansa Pilot Strike Grounds Flights

Pilots at Lufthansa the German airline announced they would extend a strike until Friday that already has hit thousands of passengers and had hundreds of flights cancelled. The pilots strike is over a new retirement plan the airline has. Just over 50% of the scheduled 1,400 flights for the carrier including domestic and European to […]

Craft Beer Reaches New Milestone

American Craft Beer makers have reached another milestone. The Brewers Association says that craft brewers during 2014 reached a volume share of 11%, marking just the first time the industry has reached a market share of double-digits. The increase to 11% is up from the industry’s 2013 market share of 7.8%, with craft beer likely […]

Brazilian Poor Turning on Rousseff

Amongst the estimated 1 million Brazilians taking to the streets on Sunday in Sao Paulo to call for the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff over the corruption scandal with Petrobas, are the poor, who the most concern to the president. Many of them voted for Rousseff in last year’s election, however many have already regretted […]

Cuba Has Unrestricted WiFi as Controls Loosened

Young Cubans have started to flock to use the first free open access Internet on the Caribbean Island nation, which was made possible by a famous Cuban artist. A small, modest Havana cultural center has suddenly turned into a source for rare, free WiFi. Kcho, the internationally renowned artist from Cuba is providing that service. […]

Three Die After Consuming Contaminated Ice Cream

Three people have died while two other became ill in Kansas after they ate products that were contaminated with Listeria. The products were manufactured by Blue Bell Creameries, the makers of Blue Bell Ice Cream. This prompted the company, based in Texas, to issue a product recall, its first in 108 years in business. On […]

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Falls to Low of Four Months

In March, consumer confidence dropped to a low of four months as optimism over the economy in the U.S. became tempered by expectations of weaker income and an increase in the price of gasoline. On Friday, the University of Michigan announced that its preliminary consumer sentiment index had dropped from 95.4 for February to 91.2 […]

Retail Sales in U.S. Fall Thanks to Cautious Consumers and Bad Weather

Retail Sales in the U.S. were down for the third straight month during February, which reflects the bad weather in sections of the nation and continual caution being observed by many households in the U.S. despite a labor market that is improving and less expensive gas. Sales at restaurants and retailers dropped by 0.6% during […]

Four of Ten U.S. Households Have Hulu, Amazon or Netflix

A new report says that four out of 10 households in the U.S. that have a traditional TV now subscribe to some type of video streaming service such as Amazon or Netflix. Some of the families subscribe to Amazon, Hulu Plus and Netflix, but the majority are only subscribing to one of the three services: […]

New Zealand Dairy Industry Worried Over Poison Threat

Environmentalist activists have made a threat to contaminate New Zealand infant formula. New Zealand is the largest diary exporter in the world and the threat is an attempt to stop the use of a pesticide that is poison to kill possums and rats, the police said Tuesday. Authorities said a number of letters were sent […]

Simon Property Offers $22.4 Billion for Macerich

The Simon Property Group, which is one of the largest U.S. real estate companies, has started a hostile takeover bid to acquire Macerich a rival in a deal that could be valued at more than $22.4 billion. David Simon the CEO at Simon said he was taking his bid hostile after management at Macerich refused […]

Official: Greece Must Forget False Promises of Syriza

Greece must realize that there is no other alternative to reform, said a governing council member of the European Central Bank Luc Coene. His interview was published Saturday and in it told Greeks that they must not be sold on the false promises of radical leftists who are now in power. The central bank chief […]

Laser from Lockheed Martin Puts Hole in Truck

A 30-kilowatt weapon system was able to successfully disable the engine of a truck from over a mile away. Lockheed Martin the aerospace company used a laser this week to obliterate an engine of a pickup truck from a distance of over one mile. The company used its ATHENA or Advanced Test High Energy Asset, […]

Kroger Stock Reaches All Time High

Kroger Co. shares jumped over 7.5% on Thursday afternoon passing an intraday day all time high, after the chain of supermarkets posted earnings and an outlook that topped expectations on Wall Street, with sales at comparable stores increasing for the 45th consecutive quarter. The identical store increase in sales of 6%, excluding sales of fuel, […]

Apple Has Postponed iPad Larger Display

Apple delayed its production of a larger screen iPad, while it works through the feature and final design for the product that will be targeted at businesses. Apple had told suppliers earlier that it was hoping to mass produce its 12.9-inch tablet during the current quarter, reported a national newspaper on Wednesday. However, Apple now […]

Maternity Tourism Crackdown by U.S. on Chinese

U.S. investigators launched raids at dawn Tuesday on a number of locations across Los Angeles suspected of offering services of maternity tourism, for mostly Chinese wanting to give birth while in the U.S. The dozens of raids targeted apartment complexes in Rancho Cucamonga, Irvine, and Walnut outside of Los Angeles where ICE – the United […]

Best Buy Sees Sharp Rise in Profit

Helped by sales of smartphones and large TVs, Best Buy’s performance beat Wall Street expectations, but executives are cautious for the rest of 2015. The fourth quarter Best Buy profit was up 77%, lifted from strong sales during the holidays of large screen televisions and from smartphones. The electronics retailer saw comparable sales increase for […]

U.S. Consumer Spending Increases After Drop in Fuel Adjustment

Purchases by consumers rose during January after being adjusted for inflation. That is a sign the drop in price of gasoline is helping to give a boost to the largest part of the economy in the U.S. The increase of 0.3% followed a drop of 0.1% in December, a report released on Monday by the […]

Exports from Louisiana Reach Record $65.1 Billion

The U.S. Commerce Department said that merchandise exports from Louisiana had increased over 2.8% to a new record of $65.1 billion during 2014. New trade agreements could also increase those record totals during the coming years. The New Orleans World Trade Center said the gain in 2014 marked the sixth straight year of growth in […]

Blackberry Classic without Camera Now at Verizon

Verizon the U.S. wireless carrier may have started offering the smartphone Blackberry Classic, but another surprise will be in store for customers: a variant with no camera of the same smartphone. On February 26, Verizon’s version of the Blackberry Classic became available through pre-order on the carrier’s website, but a listing of the special version […]

U.S. Economic Growth in Fourth Quarter Revised Lower

The economic growth in the U.S. braked at a much sharper pace than had been thought initially during the fourth quarter of 2014 amidst a slower pace of stock accumulation by companies and a broader trade deficit. However, the underlying fundamentals stayed solid. The gross domestic product grew at an annual pace of 2.2% which […]

Sears Records Full Year Loss

Sears Holdings reported its 2014 full year earnings on Thursday along with results from the fourth quarter, which include the company’s holiday performance. The company lost money again for the 11th straight quarter, as its overall revenues and its same-store sales, which is a key metric that excludes drops in revenue due to store closings […]

Apple Ordered by Jury to Hand Over $532.8 Million

Apple Inc has been told by a federal jury to pay out $532.8 million after the jury said the company’s software for iTunes used a Texas-based company’s patented inventions without receiving its permission. Smartflash LLC the closely held company, which has claimed that three patents were infringed on by Apple, was asking for damages of […]

Google Ready to Attack Apple Pay

With the goal of undercutting the most recent hit service of Apple, Google will team up with three of the major wireless carriers in the U.S. to entice more people into using the mobile wallet it developed. On Monday, the announcement is just the most recent example of how competition between Apple and Google is […]

Birdman Big Winner at Academy Awards

There were not many surprises on the night at the 87th Academy Awards. Best Picture was won by Birdman, beating out Boyhood its biggest rival. The director and screenwriter of the film Alejandro Inarritu won in those two categories making the Birdman the big winner on the night. Inarritu joked upon receiving his Oscar that […]

Consuming Cola Daily Increases Risk of Cancer

The chemical process that takes place during the caramel coloring manufacturing that is used for soft drinks produces a carcinogen and could be increasing the risk of developing cancer to a level higher than the accepted threshold. Matching lab tests were carried out by Consumer Reports on 11 soft drinks, reported for the first time […]

Error in Healthcare Tax Affects Hundreds of Thousands

This mistake could end up being a hardship, especially for the workers that are low income who qualified for insurance policies that were subsidized and might be expecting a tax refund, but now must hold off for weeks to file a return. Close to 800,000 taxpayers who were enrolled in insurance policies through the […]

Malaria Parasite From Myanmar is Drug Resistant

India is facing a threat of parasites carrying Malaria that are artemisinin resistant, which is the frontline treatment to fight Malaria, spreading from Myanmar into India putting thousands at risk, warned researchers. A research team confirmed that the resistant parasites were in the Homalin, Sagaing Region that is only 25 kilometers from the border of […]

Greece Asks For Loan Extension Offering Big Concessions

Greece has formally requested an extension of six months to it loan agreement with euro zone lenders on Thursday. It offered major concessions as it hurried to avoid running out of its cash within a few weeks and overcome the resistance of skeptical eurozone partners including Germany. With it IMF/EU bailout program expiring in just […]

Rolls-Royce Designing SUV for Off Road

Rolls-Royce has given confirmation on what once was the unthinkable, it will design and build an SUV. This will not be just any run of the mill SUV, but will be one that has off-road capabilities or as Rolls likes to say, “Able to cross over any terrain.” It will surely be one of the […]

Super Advanced Malware Stopped Only by Destroying Hard Drive

A group specializing in cyberespionage with tools similar to those used by intelligence agencies in the U.S. has been able to infiltrate key institutions within countries including Russia and Iran, utilizing a form of malware that is startlingly advanced that once it has infected a PC is impossible to be removed. Kaspersky Lab on Monday […]