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Russia Cuts Key Interest Rate Unexpectedly

The central bank in Russia has unexpectedly cut its benchmark rate of interest by 2% letting its currency slide as its economy sinks toward a recession. The auction rate of one week was cut from 17% to 15%, said the bank on Friday. Only one of more than 32 economists who had been surveyed forecasted […]

China Lifts Top off Fake Goods Sold Online

A just released survey by the Chinese government had found that close to half of all products sold by stores online in China are fakes. This new survey said, which Alibaba owns, is the leader. China’s State Administration for Commerce and Industry commissioned the survey and the China Consumers Association carried it out. It […]

Caterpillar Says Sales in 2015 will Decline 9%

Caterpillar shares were down in early trading on Tuesday by 7% from their close on Monday to hit a new low of 52 weeks. The stock plunge is due to shrinking sales, profits and a new outlook that gives the suggestion that the worst is on its way. In 2015, Caterpillar is expecting the macro-economic […]

AT&T to Acquire Assets of Nextel in Mexico

AT&T, the second largest mobile phone carrier in the U.S. has agreed to acquire NII Holdings Inc’s wireless assets in Mexico for $1.88 billion. It is the third deal AT&T made in its expansion efforts south of the border. This acquisition includes businesses that are operating under the Nextel Mexico name, spectrum licenses, retail stores, […]

TurboTax Refunds Customers

Those outraged by recent changes in TurboTax that forced them to have to pay 50 percent more for the software designed for tax preparation can now be calm. TurboTax is not only apologizing for what happened, but they are refunding money. Starting on Friday, the maker of TurboTax Intuit will issue refunds of $25 to […]

Home Sales Increase, Few First Time Buyers

In December, existing home sales rebounded, but a continued low participation of first time buyers suggests the recovery in the U.S. housing market would remain gradual for the time being. On Friday, the National Association of Realtors announced that sales of existing homes grew by 2.4% to an annualized rate of more than 5.04 million […]

Tim Cook CEO at Apple Receives Huge Bonus

Tim Cook the Apple CEO received a huge cash bonus that increased his total 2014 compensation to over $9.2 million. That is over double what he was given in 2013, as the tech giant enjoyed an big increase in sales and profit that was fueled by the overwhelming popularity of the new iPhone 6 and […]

Looks Like Google Will Enter Wireless Business

Google has taken a leap into the business of wireless provider according to new reports that show the Internet search giant will partner with T-Mobile and Sprint to sell mobile handset plans directly to the consumer. One industry analyst said Google would play T-Mobile and Sprint off against one another to receive a low price […]

UnitedHealth Earnings Increase by 6%

Earnings for UnitedHealth in the fourth quarter were up close to 6%, which topped expectations on Wall Street, and the largest health insurer in the country brought optimism into 2015 because of its results to end 2014. Minneapolis based UnitedHealth’s Stephen Hemsley, the CEO, said on Wednesday that the company is entering 2015 with a […]

SAP Slashes Outlook for Profit

The largest software group in Europe SAP SE slashed its outlook for operating profit for 2017, explaining that its push into the cloud-based delivery ate further into its profit margins prior to experiencing profits expanding starting in 2018. German based SAP’s move to provide business planning software through the cloud, or as internet services through […]

Prosecutor in Argentina Found Dead

A prosecutor in Argentina, who had last week accused the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, of attempting to absolve officials from Iran from involvement in the terrorist attack that was the mostly deadly in the history of the country, was found dead inside his apartment. The body of Alberto Nisman was found by […]

Google Discussing Acquisition of Softcard

Apple has its Apple Pay and now Google could be filling its own wallet as well. According to individuals close to the situation, Google the Internet search giant and the Android platform maker is discussing the possibility of acquiring Softcard, the payments company for mobile devices formerly called Isis. The price for the acquisition would […]

Jester Continues Attacking Jihadists

Anonymous has not started anything new by hacking the websites of Islamic extremists. A mysterious hacker known only as the Jester has been doing it for over five years. The hacker has single-handedly brought down dozens of Islamic extremists websites that the Jester deems to be supporting jihadist propaganda and efforts of recruitment. When he […]

Wet Seal Becomes Another Clothing Retailer Filing Bankruptcy

The Wet Seal Inc became the most recent clothing retailer seeking bankruptcy protection, as stores based in malls lose business to the big-box chains and the online retailers. Wet Seal, which is based in California, lost over $150 million during the past two years as well as defaulting in December on over $27 million in […]

General Motors with Aggressive Outlook for 2015

Mary Barra the CEO at General Motors Co said that the largest automaker in the U.S. would increase profits this year. She counted on company investors to give her another opportunity after the first year of running the business was marred due to a recall scandal that was very costly. While no specific figures were […]

Forecast for Global Growth Cut by World Bank

The World Bank cuts its forecast for the world economy, warning the world could not rely on the United States as its single source of growth. In its report done biannually, the bank forecasted the world’s economy would expand by 3% in 2015 and by 3.3% during 2016, which was down from an earlier forecast […]

Lumoid Allows Wearable to Be Worn Prior to Purchase

With all the different wearable devices that exist in the market, it can be quite confusing when attempting to shop for the one that is the best for your specific needs. Lumoid might have found the solution for the problem, as the startup allows its users to try different wearable devices prior to actually purchasing […]

Shire to Acquire NPS Pharmaceutical

Shire PLC will acquire NPS Pharmaceutical a maker of rare disease treatments. The acquisition will cost Shire $5.2 billion. Shire is returning to making deals thanks to the help of its breakup fee received from AbbVie its one time suitor. The deal, which is all cash, for a price of $46 per share, would speed […]

Nintendo Leaves Brazil Because of High Taxes

Nintendo has made the decision to end the operations it has in Brazil because of such a high import tax and the overall business model that the nation in Latin America has. The company made the announcement it was ending its partnership with its distributor in the South American country and does not have immediate […]

Box Going Public Soon

Box, the storage platform business updated on Friday its S1 and confirmed that it has started to hit the road, the standard procedure businesses go through to increase the interest of investors in its stock prior to an IPO. According to the S1 filled out, Box is offering a total of 12.5 million shares with […]

J.C. Penney and Macy’s to Shutter Stores, Cut Jobs

After posting sales for the holiday shopping season that were better than expected, retail giants Macy’s and J.C. Penney start 2015 by focusing on fewer employees and smaller operations. J.C. Penney announced it would close 39 of its underperforming stores and lay off 2,250 employees. Macy’s said it was restructuring and shifting workers from 830 […]

Sony Introduces its $1,120 Walkman

If you like music and money is not a problem in your life, you might like a new Sony Walkman. Sony’s new Walkman is on the market for $1,120 and can now play any kind of music at very high quality and resolution. That means Sony’s new device makes songs sound more like real life […]

Police Arrest Hedge Fund Founder’s Son

The son of Thomas Gilbert, the founder of a hedge fund, was arrested Monday and has been charged with murdering his father. Gilbert’s body was found fatally shot in his apartment in New York City this past weekend, said police. Thomas Gilbert, who was 70 and founded Wainscott Capital Partners, was found dead from a […]

Nissan, Honda and Fiat Chrysler Enjoy Sales Increases

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Nissan Motors and Honda Motors all report increased sales for December in the United States. Nissan enjoyed its best 12 months of auto sales in the U.S., where consumers purchased more light vehicles than in any one year since 1996. Even though Honda enjoyed growth, its sales were short of its predictions. […]

Intel Spends $24.8 Million on Smart Glasses by Vuzix

Smart glass developer Vuzix has just received $24.8 million as an investment from tech giant Intel. The New York based company just announced the news in a report. Vuzix makes sunglasses that are consumer ready for those individuals who desire a home theater experience or a private we surfing on the go. The company makes […]

Thursday College Football Hands ESPN Mega Ratings

The two broadcasts with the highest rating in the history of cable TV now are owned by ESPN thanks to the way college football crowns a national champion – College Football Playoffs. On Thursday, over 28.2 million viewers tuned in to watch the Rose Bowl in which Oregon defeated Florida State. Later that day, 28.3 […]

Lizard Squad Has a $6 Attack Tool

Is there a website you would like to attack with a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack? Lizard Squad offers exactly what you need: an attack tool, which now has different packages starting from $5.99 each month. The group that is responsible for the attack on PlayStation and Xbox, which was done not so long ago, is […]

Samsung Announces Blade-Thin ATIV Book 9

Samsung might have dropped slightly behind with its PCs in 2013, but they are definitely not out of the competition in any way shape or form. Before CES 2015, the tech behemoth will unveil a completely new desktop, which is all in one packed with a display that is curved. The consumer electronics giant also […]

Farmers Are In Fear for Their Industry

Farmers have already started to scramble to find workers across California, as they fear a labor shortage of even bigger proportions will come under the executive action of President Barack Obama to block the deportation of close to 5 million people. California is the leader in growing nuts, vegetables and fruits in the U.S. Thousands […]

Amazon Prime Members Increase by 10 Million announced that it attracted over 10 million new subscribers to its program Prime a digital content and shipping service over the most recent holidays and is intending to offer shipping of one-hour to even more cities across the U.S. during 2015. Amazon considers the Prime membership that costs $99 per year, which has free […]

Disney World Will Accept Google Wallet and Apple Pay

Those people who are going to go to Disney World this holiday season may not even have to pull their credit card out of their wallet. Disney just announced that their massive resort and theme park the Orlando will accept contactless payment methods now. The payment methods include Google Wallet and Apple Pay starting on […]

Facebook Loses Teen Traffic

Facebook is getting less cool over time, at least with teens. A report found that the amount of teens between the ages of 13 and 17 that use the social media site in the United States dropped to 88% from 94% last year and 95% in 2012. The study demonstrated that in the same time […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Features Aluminum Body and Curved Screen

In the previous 6 months, leaked images and reports have given signs that there is a new direction for Samsung. Their products are improving with the Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha featuring metal frames. A blog from Italy, HD states that Samsung will maintain the exact same direction for its future products and the S6 […]

Charney Officially Fired as CEO at American Apparel

Dov Charney the founder of American Apparel has been fired as CEO and replaced by Paula Schneider a veteran fashion executive. The company based in Los Angeles announced that its board of directors had voted to oust Charney at the company back in June, citing misconduct allegations. He at that time was put on suspension […]

Sony Hackers Promise a Christmas Gift

Over the past week, the hackers responsible for the attack on Sony appear to have dumped even more corporate secrets onto the Internet, and have warned more will come. A message, which pointed out 5 GB of information on the Pastebin website and was also signed by GOP, was recently posted. That is likely the […]

Ford Exchanges Microsoft for Blackberry

Ford dropped Microsoft in exchange for BlackBerry in its new Sync operating system. As rumored previously, QNX from BlackBerry will be included in Sync 3 and not MyFord from Microsoft. This is very different considering that Microsoft has had their technology with Ford the past seven years. Ford said that all that it is trying […]

Minecraft from Microsoft Finally Reaches Windows Phones

Microsoft finally released Mojang’s Minecraft on Windows Phones 2 months after they bought the company. Minecraft Pocket Edition or MCPE looks exactly like the version that is available for iOS and Android devices and is $6.99, which is the same cost as the other version. To run the game Windows Phone 8.1 is needed. Given […]

Customized Burgers Newest Plan for McDonald’s

As sales decrease on a continuous basis in McDonald’s, they are planning to make major changes at stores in the United States. That includes a test run, which will allow customer to build their very own hamburger on a touchscreen. On Monday, the company confirmed that the plans are going to be carried out by […]

Apple’s iOS Outshines Android in Web Traffic across the U.S.

The newly released iPhone has likely attracted enough former users of Android to have an impact mobile Web traffic. The new iPhone 6 had given Apple a slight advantage in mobile Internet traffic inside the United States shortly after it was released in mid-September. A research analyst said more specifically, that the share mobile traffic […]

Best Buy Decides to Leave China

Best Buy the U.S. electronics retailer has decided to sell its business in China that has struggled to grab a foothold in the market. The U.S. based electronics giant will sell Five Star its Chinese business to Zhejiang Jiayuan Group a China-based real estate company. Best Buy said it was selling its business in China […]

Alibaba’s Alitrip Causes Shake Up in China Travel

The new Alitrip travel site by Alibaba Group in China has drawn a great deal of competitive response from Expedia, a site that has carved out a strong presence in online travel in China through eLong is local unit. Expedia, which is Bellevue, Washington based, has long held based in Shanghai, as its biggest […]

More Weakness Found in China’s Economy

The economy in China continued to become weaker during November according to two gauges regarding factory activity that showed manufacturing had lost its momentum despite a recent drop in the country’s interest rates. Shares in China were up on Monday morning in trading as investors were betting the weak numbers from the purchasing managers’ index […]

Fifteen Killed in Xinjiang Region Attack in Western China

In the troubled Xinjiang region in western China an attack killed 15 people while injuring another 14, said state media on Saturday. This is just the latest wave of violence in the area that has killed dozens of people over the last year. Xinhua the official news agency reported that Friday’s attack was at a […]

Economy in U.S. Resilient During Third Quarter

The economy in the U.S. grew at a pace that was much faster than at first thought during the third quarter, pointing to a number of strengthening fundamentals, which should help it be resilient against the slowing demand globally. This week the U.S. Commerce Department increased its estimate of growth in the GDP to a […]

Redbox Will Be More Expensive

Redbox is increasing their prices in early December. Video games will increase a dollar and will cost three dollars to rent on January 2015. The announcement was made by Outerwall, the owner Redbox automated retail. Not only will Redbox prices for video games increase, but also the cost for renting Blu-Ray and DVDs. However, the […]

Sales for Black Friday on Track to Increase This Season

An economy that is recovering means great news of U.S. retailers, with sales for the holiday season expected to increase by 4.1% to a whooping $617 billion. It is expected that many retailers will use deep discounts to lure in buyers. According to the U.S. National Retail Federation, each year the average increase for holiday […]

Intel Sees More Growth During 2015

Intel Corp. has projected additional growth for 2015, as the improving market for personal computers and newer bets begin to pay off for the maker of computer chips. On Thursday, Intel executives also said they would stem the large losses from a high stakes attempt to place their chips inside tablets. Intel predicted margins for […]

WhatsApp Gets Improved Encryption for Android Phones

WhatsApp the popular app for messaging now owned by Facebook, is getting an upgrade in security. The messages on WhatsApp on phones operated by Android are now being encrypted throughout the entire transmission process and on their own servers through the use of open-source, respected encryption techniques originally developed by Open Whisper. Apple’s iOS as […]

Hasbro DreamWorks Talks End With No Deal

Variety has confirmed that a $2.3 billion deal between Hasbro and DreamWorks Animation that was being negotiated has ended without a deal being forged. On Friday, negotiations about the deal were ended, causing DreamWorks Animation stock to decrease more than $2.50 at the end of the day on Wall Street. While rumors will fly over […]

Petrobras Former Director Arrested, Stock Plummets

Police in Brazil arrested a former executive at Petrobras Friday and the oil giant that is state run saw its shares plummet 5% after being forced by the growing corruption scandal to postpone its release of financial results. Renato Duque the former director of engineering was the second senior executive at Petrobras arrested while the […]