Coffee Lowers Liver Cancer Risk Suggests Study

According to a group of scientists, drinking coffee daily has been linked to reducing the risk of liver cancer development. This new study has found that men who drink a minimum of one cup of coffee each day are less apt to develop cancer of the liver by over 21% in comparison to men who do not drink any coffee regularly.

Researchers who carried out this study said for women, drinking joe was not associated in a strong way with a lower risk of cancer development.

The World Cancer Research Fund International has reported that the most recent study suggests there is strong evidence linking consumption of coffee with lowered risk of developing liver cancer.

The study Diet, Physical Activity, Nutrition and Liver Cancer is a part of a larger project at WCRF referred to as the Continuous Update Program. The current report that was published this month is an update to a study done previous that originally was released in June of 2014.

This most recent report says that liver cancer is the second most common type of cancer responsible for killing an estimated 745,000 people globally during 2012. The new report shows that new cases of liver cancer are on the increase.

The most recent statistics reveal that close to 626,152 people were diagnosed with a type of cancer of the liver, but the number increased by 2012 to over 782,450.

Medical experts believe the figure will increase by over 70% in 20 years, when there will be 1,341,300 liver cancer cases.

These statistics help researchers study the cancer and the scientists collected research globally and analyzed it prior to reaching their most recent conclusion. The report was based by researchers on 34 prior studies involving more than 8 million people and approximately 24,500 patients with liver cancer.

The researchers discovered that certain types of compounds that are found within coffee are able to strengthen a person’s immune system. This takes place because the coffee compounds induce an endogenous defense system.

The study found that coffee is able to help lower damage to DNA of blood cells and lowers the DNA ex-vivo damage.

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