Peugeot Citroen Planning Three-Step Return to U.S.

PSA Peugeot Citroen is planning to return to the U.S. market after pulling out of the market during 1991.

Now, an official confirmation was given by the automaker based in France for its return to the market.

The confirmation came from Carlos Tavares the CEO during one of his presentations that he held with investors on Wednesday.

The principal part of the agenda for the talk was a strategy that is company-wide called Push to Pass, which outlines the plans of PSA for between 2016 and 2021.

Under said strategy, PSA is to launch 34 new vehicles that include 4 electric cars and 7 plug-in hybrids. Those vehicles will be for car markets where the brands of the automaker Citroen, Peugeot and DS a new luxury unit are already operating.

For its return to the U.S., Tavares said that PSA would take a long-term, cautious approach. He spoke of a plan of three steps that could take up to or over a decade to complete.

The first big step will be entering the mobility services market. The CEO said this will begin as early as 2017 and hinted that Peugeot might collaborate with Bollore another French company to launch a service of car sharing. PSA already is a supplier to Bollore of an electric car that is designed exclusively for the car sharing market.

PSA’s second step is launching its own service of car sharing within the U.S. using its model in regular production. Tavares explained the cars would be used for car sharing fleets or would be leased to clients but still owned by Peugeot.

The third and final step would see Peugeot actually selling its vehicles in the United States, as well as possibly producing some of them regionally.

Tavares however did not say which of the three brands of PSA he wanted to sell in the United States but the DS head, Yves Bonnefont, has stated previously that the company’s luxury brands would eventually be global and therefore that would mean it would be launched within the U.S.

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