Rumor Report: 3D Smartphone by Amazon

Amazon has made it clear to everyone that it will be having an event June 18 that will launch a new product.

What Amazon might not have wanted everyone to know is the event will be to launch its 3D Smartphone that has been much rumored and highly anticipated.

The online retail behemoth has been the subject of a number of rumors about a smartphone, with supposed credible leaks. However, none of the rumors has every come to fruition.

However, on June 18 that might just change. Rumors over a smartphone by Amazon have varied widely from the ordinary to the highly extravagant.

However, one specific detail amidst the latest round of rumors stood out. The rumors talk about 3D capturing or viewing capability along with an interface for the user that makes use of the 3D capabilities.

The famous 3D glasses are not needed. However, the rumors sound somewhat far-fetched as well as unusual, but time will tell as the event is two weeks away.

The teaser video by Amazon has techies expressing wonder and amazement at something they are trying to visualize on a device that has yet to be seen.

This usually is action and reaction associated with 3D parallax scrolling and visuals. It should be noted that this is not equal to the iPhone 3D parallax effect, which happens only when the device is actually tilted and not the users head.

However, even more crucial in this particular rumor is that some eyes have seen a glimpse of the new device or at least some of it, in the released teaser, which is hinted at being the size of a smartphone and not that of a tablet.

Now that is seems the existence of a smartphone by Amazon with a display that is 3D is almost imminent, the next question is how useful this kind of a gimmick really is.

Words such as wow, intuitive and amazing have been tossed about, but then again the teaser video was made by Amazon.

On a device for gaming such as the Nintendo 3DS this type of feature could make more sense than on a smartphone.

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