Study: Cheap Food to Blame for Obesity Problem in U.S.

A new study reveals that the cause behind an endemic problem with obesity in the United States is there is too much affordability and availability of different kinds of food.

Other research has blamed a number of other factors, including lack of sufficient exercise, healthy foods not accessible, unhealthy fast food, suburban sprawl, prepared sizes of meals, poverty and affluence, for the increasing number of cases of obesity amongst Americans, but this study tell another story.

The lead author of the study, Roland Sturm, PhD, said that that healthy food’s high cost might not be the current problem when it comes to obesity, rather it is the affordability and availability of different types of food.

Sturm added that food is not only getting cheaper, but now it is much easier to acquire as well as prepare. It is not more food with high calories being consumed, but the people are eating more of all the different types of food.

Sturm and his colleagues analyzed economic factors that might contribute to a problem with obesity.

They learned that weight gain was analogous across geographic areas, as well as socio-demographic groups, rather than being specific to any particular group, which they said suggests that obesity is more propelled through environmental factors that affect not only a few but all groups.

The more educated and the less educated are both affected, including different ethnic groups.

Weight differences however were evident said the researchers, based upon race and education levels. However, regardless of this, the study says that all people in the U.S. have been gaining additional weight at nearly the same ratio over the past 25 years.

The bottom line remains the same regardless as well as noticeable increases in physical activities, availability of fruits and vegetables and the amount of leisure time.

Sturm and RAND a non-profit organization specializing in research that he is a senior economist, claims that in the U.S. food is now the cheapest in its history.

The researchers claim that efficient economic policies that cover the prevention of obesity remain vague.

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