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Dave Maldonado 

Editor – Dave is a veteran of over 30 years experience covering US and Wold Markets. He has traded in all types of financial climates and specializes in IPO’s and emerging markets for InterCooler. Additionally Dave is our Editor, and a tough one at that.

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David Larson

Associate Editor – David graduated from the University of Georgia and when he is not reporting financial news is an avid follower of Bulldog sports. He still lives in Georgia, in the the Augusta are and reports on health and medical issues for InterCooler.

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John Ramos
Business Editor – As the business editor Johns work is all encompassing. He follows every niche in almost every country and market. John is stationed in the northeast, Vermont, where he makes his home with his wife and two daughters.
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Mindy Fischer
Technology Editor – Mindy has been a tech geek, well, since she can remember. Her reporting is analytical but easy enough for anyone to understand and often attack issues from a cynical approach. It all in fun of course.
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Preston Daniels
Staff Writer – Preston is the “sun is always shining guy” in our office and has an ability to find a positive in nearly every thing he writes. Preston follows the retail industry the way some people follow sports.
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Robbie Landis
Staff Writer – Robbie the the new kid on the block as you can tell from his position on this page. Robbie is a recent graduate of the University of South Florida where he earned his MBA. Robbie is s specialist at covering options and can find gold in any trading environment.
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